Are you starting a business in the Netherlands? Then in here, you will find all the information you need! Holland is a very good place to start a business because of benefits such as low taxes, the ideal position in the import and export of products and their well-educated citizens. In the procedure to start up your business, it can come in handy to have help. Intercompany solutions dedicate themselves to support entrepreneurs and companies with whatever is needed to start an grow their business. They will help you create opportunities and make sure that everything is taken care of. The company has been operating since 2013, and since then it has helped hundreds of clients in multiple countries. 

Residency & starting a business in the Netherlands

Basically everyone can start a BV business in the Netherlands, but the residency procedure depends a lot on where you come from. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can enjoy the same benefits as the people of Holland, and thus you don’t need to apply for a residence permit. for starting up a business in the Netherlands. For non-EU citizens, there is a permit needed. There is a start-up visa, which you can get if you want to live in The Netherlands. A stable and solid business plan is required as well as proof that your company is innovative and you need proof that you have plenty of financial resources. Additionally, you need to get yourself a facilitator, a mentor-like person who will help you through advice on things such as marketing, management, and research.  Then there is a self-employed residence permit you will need as a non-EU citizen for starting a business in the Netherlands. This permit is for the ones who want to move to the Netherlands for an indefinite amount of time. For this permit, you need to prove your company can benefit the Dutch market somehow. This can be done through a solid business plan and good financial support of third parties. The financial information needs to be certified by an accountant or financial advisor. The permit is point-based, so you will need to get a minimum amount of points if you want to qualify for it. If you are from Japan or the US, you’re lucky because then you’re exempt from this system for starting a business in the Netherlands. 

Legal business forms

Starting a business in the Netherlands requires that you have to choose what kind of business you will have. There are two main categories:

  • Unincorporated business structures. If you own a business of this type, you will be held accountable privately for any debts created by your company.
  • Incorporated business structures. Owning a business of this type means your private and business assists are separated. 

There are different types of businesses for each of those structures you are advised to look into for starting a business in the Netherlands. 

For unincorporated business structures: 

  • Sole trader/single person business
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Commercial/professional partnership

For incorporated business structures:

  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company
  • Cooperative and mutual insurance society
  • Foundation
  • Association

So, if you plan on starting a business in the Netherlands, then you will have to look into things as residency and legal business forms. Intercompany Solutions can help you with this! For starting a business in the Netherlands go to Intercompany solutions!