How do you start a Dutch bv? If you want to know more about the Dutch Bv and especially what the advantages are, you definitely have to read this article. 

As an entrepreneur it is mandatory to register your company in the Netherlands. You can do this in different ways. There are also different legal forms. Determining the legal form is very important. Every legal form has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, in some cases it is better to opt for a Dutch legal form. In this article you will read more about the advantages of a Dutch private limited company. You will also get to know a company that can help you set up your Dutch company.

Where to choose a Dutch Bv?

A bv is one of the legal forms that is common in the Netherlands. The advantages of a Dutch bv are

  • Tax advantage
  • No start-up capital needed
  • Much less liability

These are actually the three most important reasons why people choose to go for an example. First of all, there are a number of tax issues that can be beneficial for people who have a BV instead of a sole proprietorship. However, it can be difficult to figure out the regulations surrounding taxes, so it is advisable to seek help with this. Another advantage of having a Dutch private limited company is that you generally need little or no start-up capital. In addition, you are also less liable for possible debts. Dutch law regards a private limited company as a legal entity. This means that if your company is faced with debts for whatever reason, the company is seen as a person and the debts are therefore in many cases unrecoverable from the owner of the bv. In some cases, this can have enormous advantages. You have probably heard the stories about entrepreneurs who started a business and are now in huge debt. If you choose for a bv, you can largely limit this risk. So you can see that having a bv in the Netherlands can bring a number of benefits. But how exactly does registering a Dutch bv work?

How do you start a Dutch bv?

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