Have you been looking for an efficient way to transport your products to a distribution centre? Or do you have the intentions of saving space because you need more capacity in the room you have now for transport, or do you have a small space to transport your products and to process them and you are in search for a machine that does not use as much space? If this is the case for you, then you may want to consider bucket elevators. Apollo is a family business specialized in transport machines, logistic systems and more. They always strive to do better and offer reliable, affordable products. 

Save transport space with bucket elevators

What are the bucket elevators?

Bucket elevators are a transport mechanism that can handle both horizontal and vertical bulk transport by combining the two transport systems. This happens within one machine. Bucket elevators are also known bucket conveyers or chain bucket elevators.  The transporting machines consist of different parts. The lower part is horizontal. Here are a series of buckets installed. These will be filled with the to be transported product. After this has been done, the series of buckets will be transported in a vertical direction. Then again, the buckets will be transported horizontally. In this horizontal section, the products that the buckets are filled with can be discharged. The bucket elevators can transport the buckets in this manner due to directing them via an unloading skate. They will be turned upside down so that their contents can be emptied. When the buckets have been emptied, they will be conveyed back to their starting position so that they are ready to be filled again in de lower part of the machine. Some of the properties of bucket elevators are the following:

  • The elevators have a modular design
  • They only make use of one drive
  • The buckets are overlapping
  • The machines are not hard to install, in fact, they are easy to install
  • The machines do not need a lot of maintenance, for they are low maintenance machines. 
  • There are options to expand transport systems.
  • The products are not altered during transport.
  • The machines have been shown to have a high reliability

Suitable products

In general, bucket elevators are suited for conveying bulk materials of a broader ranger, but it also mainly concerns products that have to be handled gently. These type of products are food or products in the cosmetic industries. Moreover, the buckets can handle products in the glass, recycling and chemical industries and many more. 

The buckets themselves are made of FDA approved products. Apollo is also able to deliver TDA detectable buckets. Ideal property of the bucket elevators is that they are of a modular design. This means that the installations are able to be tailored in accordance with the specific needs of the client. Two models are available, each able to contain a different capacity, but it also possible to get a combination of these different models. 

To safe space in your transport room where your products are being processed, a bucket elevator can thus be an ideal solution. As the bucket elevators of Apollo are shown to be reliable and do not require much maintenance, it is certainly worth it to take these machines into consideration!