Welcome to a new edition of PTFE glass antistatic. We want to share our information regarded the PTFE glass antistatic of Hardick. Besides, we want to show you why Hardick is the best company you can choose for. Hardick is indeed the best company to choose for because they provide a variety of PTFE fabrics in different thicknesses and designs. One of the examples that they offer and that is mentioned on there website is the PTFE glass antistatic fabric. What is that exactly? 

PTFE glass antistatic 

Before we are going tot talk about Hardick, we will explain what PTFE glass antistatic exactly is, because you might hear this type of glass for the first time, that can be the case. For those that belong to this group: PTFE glass antistatic is a closed type of fabric which can be supplied from stock. The glass antistatic fabrics are available in any length ans also available in almost any desired width. They can be used for multiple applications as well, which is also great. The maximum widths of the fabrics they offer differ. They depend on the quality that you select and in general, the range is between 1,500 and 4,000 mm. There are also standard lengths that they offer. The standard lengths that they offer are 30 m and 50 m as well, so you can choose between those two standard lengths. They can produce larger lengths up to 400/500 m as well, how cool is that? There is many more information to know. Therefore, it is good to contact Hardick if you want some information or if you have any other questions. In the beginning of this article, we mentioned that Hardick is one of the best choices you can make if it comes to the supplier. Why is that, who are they? You can read that here below.

Why choose for Hardick?

As mentioned before they provide a variety of PTFE fabrics in differente thicknesses and designs. What you want to have, they can give. That is how it works, basically. You can view their equipment by visiting their website, by the way. They are a European market leader. That is one more reason to go for the PTFE glass antistatic fabric. Hardick is a European market leader in PTFE glass antistatic products, but that has not always been the case. A short little story will follow now. Their company was founded in 1913 and at that time, there were no PTFE conveyor belts. They began with producing and they became good soon. Nowadays, they are one of the best suppliers. There are many more reasons. One of the reasons why Hardick should be your partner are, amongst others:
  • They gained a lot of knowledge
  • They decided to add customer-specific solutions to their assortment
  • They decided to only focus  on PTFE fabrics (20 years later)
From that moment – the moment they decided to only focus on PTFE fabrics – their sole focus was on PTFE products. And you know that by now, because you can choose for PTFE glass antistatic as one of the options.