To initiate a Holland company formation you need to be familiar with all procedures and regulations in this country with regards to opening a business. Especially when your current business is in another country and you don’t speak the Dutch language, this can be very challenging. Nevertheless, the Netherlands is a very attractive place for entrepreneurs to expand or start their business there. The position of the Netherlands within the international economy is very strong. When you build your network further from here, you can learn and discover a lot new opportunities. This new step will be very healthy if you have international ambitions for your company. Intercompany Solutions is an expert for any Holland company formation. They can assist you in all the arrangements necessary to start your business in the Netherlands. When you contact them they will first inform you about what you need to think about and what is needed for your company. If you have all information available, you can have your Holland company formation ready within three days. When this is not the case, you don’t need to worry. Intercompany Solutions can help you find and arrange all those aspects as well to be fully prepared for your business in the Netherlands.

The reasons for a Holland company formation

Intercompany Solutions can move very quickly and make sure your Holland company formation as a Dutch BV is registered within 1 day. Everything can be handled online as long as all documents can be completed accordingly. If needed, they can also arrange a residency for the foreign investors. The Netherlands is always very enthusiastic about welcoming new business in their country. It is known for their international oriented economy and their own economy has always been a part of the international economies. This is why investors choose for a Holland company formation, next to the following benefits they will experience:

  • The lowest corporate tax rate in Europe
  • 0% VAT rate for business between EU member states
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Leading world banks like ING bank, ABN Amro and Rabobank

With the above it is clear that for any company starting a Holland company formation is essential for the international vision. If the company should expand in the future, then Holland is one main place your business should be. One of the other reasons is the amount of bilingual residents in the country. Next to the expats, the Dutch are also capable in speaking and writing another language if necessary.

Expand your opportunities

Thanks to the earlier possibilities, you will experience the benefits of the Netherlands soon enough in your Holland company formation. You will also find out the stability of the country. Not only regarding the economy but also when it comes to the culture. It is also very friendly for its newcomers and the economy is built on contacting foreign residents and companies. When your business includes production or logistical services you will discover the benefits of the accessibility. Through the ports of Rotterdam, the Europoort port and of course the airport Schiphol. The high trade position is the main reason logistics are very well arranged in this country and you will find out soon enough that starting a Holland company formation has been the best step ever. Check for all the reasons why the Netherlands should be considered and to start up your Holland company formation successfully. The Netherlands has a lot to offer, but they have set up some requirements. Intercompany Solutions will guide you through the law, regulations and procedures to follow and begin you adventure with a Holland company formation at its best.